The Bard’s Tale IV Update 4: Brian Speaks, First Stretch Goal Added and... oh yeah, One Million Dollars!!!

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-06-08

Thanks to all of you we passed the $1.1 MILLION mark over the weekend! This puts it at the 23rd most funded video game Kickstarter of all time after less than week! We can't thank you enough for your support. It is so inspiring to see so many of you continuing to join the RPG renaissance and prove the party based dungeon crawl genre is far from dead! The reception of our in-engine video of The Bard's Tale IV was also absolutely phenomenal. If you haven't seen it yet, watch i...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Update 3: In-Engine Video

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-06-04

We finally put the finishing touches on the video for The Bard's Tale IV In-Engine Video. The biggest question we get is how we plan to bring the genre forward, and this video should answer the question. Exploring in the world is a major part of the experience and we wanted to make use of the full screen and all that Unreal has to offer to make it as compelling as possible. Once combat starts, the combat shifts out of the first person mode. We are still debating the best ways...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Update 2: Free Game Offer Extended!

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-06-03

As we're entering day 2, we're still going strong! We had massive interest in our free game offer, and now our good friends at CD Projekt Red and have graciously agreed to allow us to extend the offer for another 24 hours! Anyone who backs The Bard's Tale IV on Kickstarter in the first 48 hours of the campaign will receive a FREE copy of inXile's Wasteland 2, or CD Projekt Red's The Witcher, or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. To be exact, this offer ends on June 4t...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Update 1: Déjà vu!

kickstarter2 years ago • 2015-06-02

Once again you have come through with a smashing first day. We are just 11 hours into the campaign and have already achieved 50% of Kickstarter goal for the Bard's Tale IV. I must also thank my many industry friends who have supported us through their social media campaigns. This list extends to our so called competition like Obsidian, Larian, Harebrained, Cryptozoic, Otherworld, Portalairum, Razer and so many others. The concept of game companies supporting each other in s...
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Game Watcher Interviews Brian Fargo

interview2 years ago • 2015-05-22

Game Watcher interviews Brian Fargo to get some more details on The Bard's Tale IV. GameWatcher: The exploration is real-time, right? And then you'll jump into the the combat system when you run into an enemy. Brian Fargo: Exactly, so you'll be moving around that dungeon in real-time, full-screen mode. When combat starts we'll probably pull the camera back a bit, show a bit more of the combat area. Your characters will be represented somehow, we're still working on whethe...
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Rampant Games on Bard’s Tale IV

misc2 years ago • 2015-05-20

Jay Barnson of Rampant Games (Frayed Knights, another indie old-school dungeon crawler series) gave us a shout-out and posted his thoughts on the upcoming Kickstarter at his web site: Originally, the series was supposed to be called “Tales of the Unknown,” and the first game was to be “The Bard's Tale.” Maybe future editions would have been called “The Magician's Tale” and “The Knight's Tale.” But it was “The Bard's Tal...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Interview Roundup

interview2 years ago • 2015-05-19

Looking for some more Bardic reading? A lot of interviews with Brian Fargo on The Bard's Tale IV and our upcoming Kickstarter are now available! PC Gamer: The Bard's Tale will be a decidedly old-school experience, but inXile is working to ensure it's flexible enough to engage and satisfy players who want a more contemporary dungeon crawling experience as well. Die-hards looking forward to a new opportunity to draw out cleanly geometric maps on grid paper will be able to d...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Coming to Kickstarter June 2nd, 2015!

misc2 years ago • 2015-05-18

We are pleased to unveil that The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter will launch 2nd of June 2015! Mark your calendars and get ready for a legendary campaign! You can read more on this in the following interviews:…/2015-05-18-inxile-reveals-the-ba… You can also sign up at our web site to receive more info as we move forward, download an exclusive wallpaper showing the game's first sc...
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