The Scotsman on The Bard’s Tale IV

interview2015-06-14 22:35:16

The Scotsman has given The Bard's Tale IV a bit of coverage this weekend, talking about the upcoming game's Kickstarter campaign and including a few quotes from Brian.

Now, the video game designer who worked as a writer and director on the original trilogy has secured the rights to continue the series and is working to reboot it for the 21st century. With nearly a month left on its Kickstarter campaign, his company – California-based InXile Entertainment – is close to meeting its funding goal. Over 26,000 people have pledged over £750,000 to date.

Although the Skara Brae that will feature in the game is not an exact replica of the one on Orkney's Bay of Skaill – its narrow passageways are peppered with various traps and monsters that must be overcome – Brian Fargo, the chief executive of InXile, said the history of the settlement and Scotland as a whole would form an integral part of the game. He and his team have already visited Orkney and other locations to take photographs to convert into 3D objects that appear in-game.

“One of the important aspects of The Bard's Tale IV is its connection with Scottish heritage. It is very much based on Scottish culture and specifically the Orkney folklore.

“In both its music and visuals, it draws heavily from many elements of Scottish culture. We plan to integrate Scottish architecture in the look of Skara Brae and the game's dungeons and wilderness.”