The Bard’s Tale IV Update 23: Thanks To You, We Are Funded! What’s Next?

kickstarter2015-07-13 21:39:12

Hello Exiles,

We did it! Thanks to you, we did not just fund The Bard's Tale IV, but went past the base goal to raise a total of $1.5 million! We can't thank you enough for your backing and your passion for classic RPGs.

So what's next? The Bard's Tale IV can now continue its pre-production stage before moving into full development. Most of the studio is currently working on Torment: Tides of Numenera, and a smaller team is on Wasteland 2 Director's Cut. As those projects wrap up we'll move people on to The Bard's Tale IV. We will of course keep you updated along the way!

Many of you have asked, now that the Kickstarter is over, if we will still be taking ongoing funding. The answer is yes! We will continue to take pledges on our own web site.

Processing Pledges and Rewards

Just like Wasteland 2 and Torment, we will be building our own backer web site where you can manage your pledge and claim your rewards. We will inform you when the site is available.

We've been getting questions about what happens for certain rewards, like the first 48 hour bonus games or the emulated Bard's Tale Trilogy, as well as add-ons. These will be made available once the backer site is online. Keep a close eye on your inbox because we'll be contacting you about these.

If Kickstarter has emailed you warning you of a problem with your pledge, note that it grants a grace period in which you can resolve the issue. If Kickstarter alerts you to any issues, please follow the instructions provided by them. For more information, you can check Kickstarter's Help Center.

Stretch Goals

During the campaign, we hit several, though not all of our stretch goals. The Enhanced CNPC System, Enhanced Crafting, and dungeons from the RPG Super Team of Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, Wolfgang Baur and Sean K Reynolds will all be included, and for that we are very excited.

Because we have not yet entered full production, we have flexibility on game scope and content. As we continue to raise fund the game through PayPal pledges, as well as other sources like our back catalog, we will be constantly evaluating what we can add. We definitely hope to include some of our other stretch goal content in post-campaign funding and we'll be keeping you advised of our progress.

Of course, that doesn't mean we are looking at a small game. If you've read our touch points document, you'll know The Bard's Tale IV will be a formidably sized experience, and you can bet we will do everything to exceed your expectations.

Friday's Twitch Stream

If you missed Friday's Twitch stream of our Kickstarter wrap party with Quill18, and want to see the full video, you can! Just click here for the full archived stream.

Highlights include Chris Keenan showing off Wasteland 2 Director's Cut for the first time publicly, an extended Torment discussion with Jeremy Kopman, George Ziets and Josh Jertberg, and a chat with me and Michael Cranford, designer and programmer on the original two Bard's Tale games. It was definitely a night we'll remember for a long time to come.

We can't wait to jump into development on The Bard's Tale IV and will be sharing much info with you going forward. Thank you once again to all of you that made this game happen!

Brian Fargo,
Leader in Exile

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