The Bard’s Tale IV Update 20: Final 48 Hours! Knocking Down Goals

kickstarter2015-07-09 15:24:22

Hello Exiles!

Just a quick update to let you all know that now we're in our final 48 hours, Kickstarter has sent out its reminders, our final Big Push video is out and we're in our final big upswing!

As always, you guys have been amazing in spreading the word and making this Kickstarter another success story. Factoring in PayPal funding, we have unlocked the 1.5 million stretch goal, the RPG Super Team of Bruce Cordell, Wolfgang Baur and Sean K Reynolds now joining our efforts! These RPG veteran designers will each design a unique dungeon, making The Bard's Tale IV all the richer and more varied. If you want to know more about them, we provided more details in Update 10.


Community Updates

Then there's the social media achievements. You blew us away with your support of our Big Push video, the tweet being over 500 retweets and the Facebook post over 400 shares!! It's awesome to see you guys not just hit the goals we set for you, but far exceed them. So we're happy to unlock the Lute of Compulsory Cavorting, a special flavor item which will make specific characters in the game dance a little jig when you play it, whether they want to or not! All backers of The Bard's Tale IV will receive this item in the game.

We're also tantalizingly close to our next unlock on the social media achievement maps. We're now in room 19! In room 20, you will all contribute to our scheme to embarrass our boss as we add the Bardic Brian skin to the game!


Here's a quick recap of the goals and where exactly you're at:

Fan Works Roundup

This might be the last chance we get to check out some of our community's great fan works during the campaign, and we have a few more to share with you guys in these final hours. Thanks go out to June, Ulrike Kleinert and The Dudes for their awesome pictures, paintings and sketches! See all our fan art here on Facebook.


Thomas Beekers
inXile Associate Producer