The Bard’s Tale IV Update 16: Monte Cook Adds His Voice To The Song!

kickstarter2015-07-03 12:26:41

Hello Exiles!

Happy 4th of July weekend for all our American backers. In the US, this weekend is about family and celebration and we'll use it to recharge our batteries before our final week, but before we check out we wanted to give you one final quick update.

The biggest news as of yesterday: The first of our stretch goals to put together the ultimate RPG super team has been hit, and Numenera creator Monte Cook is joining The Bard's Tale IV!


The exciting thing about working with someone like Monte is that as a veteran pen and paper RPG designer, he will bring a fresh yet experienced perspective to our game, helping us to look at our dungeons from a new perspective and thus craft more varied, engaging challenges. And he knows dungeons, as the creator, a site set up to provide gaming parties with huge amounts of adventuring content!

Social Media Achievement

We were very amused and gratified to see someone cleverly use the 2015 Celtic Fling to spread the word on The Bard's Tale IV and get a hundred – count ‘em, a hundred! – new kilt photos. Check out the full gallery here!

We've also received some impressive new songs!

Along with other great new submissions recently!


As always, you can find fan art and kilt photos on our Facebook page. We're thundering through our social media achievements now, having reached room 17! Room 20 and beyond are shrouded in shadow for now, perhaps if you came a little closer…


Brian Fargo
Leader in Exile