The Bard's Tale Classic Trilogy Emulated is Now Available!

rewards2015-10-12 16:04:16

Today, we're pleased to announce that The Bard's Tale I-III Classic Trilogy is available to all backers at $20 and above! This emulated version of the original Bard's Tale games is our special gift to you!

The version we've provided is the original DOS versions, emulated using DOSBox, and accessible using a custom launcher we set up to make the process easy. Through the launcher, you can also do things like change graphics filtering to fit your perfect definition of "nostalgia", and transfer characters between the games when you've finished one and want to continue in the next one!

To access this, visit your Rewards page after logging in and look for the "Downloads" button on your specific reward that includes the Classic Trilogy. You can find an online readme for the games here, though you can also refer to the one included with the game.

Of course, Old Skuul continues its work on the remastered version of these games, and we'll get that version to you when it's ready.