PC Gamer Interviews Brian Fargo at GDC

interview2016-04-10 13:02:25

At this year's GDC, PC Gamer sat down to talk with inXile head Brian Fargo, as well as Obsidian Entertainment's Josh Sawyer and ArtCraft's Gordon Walton. In this extensive and candid interview, Brian discusses his creative role at inXile, taking player feedback and how it's used to improve our games, and drops some tidbits about The Bard's Tale IV. As a fun extra, we also learn that Josh Sawyer's first RPG was the original Bard's Tale.

How do you compare designing games today, when you have these communities online, either your Kickstarter backers or just people on forums and your own website, constantly giving you feedback on the game as you’re developing it somewhat openly, versus ten, 20 years ago when it was kind of, you made the game and then you put it out there?

BF: I would be scared out of my mind to do it the way we used to do it today. Think about it. Like, think about Fallout, right? We work on it, we give it to a QA department, which are a bunch of people that we’re paying to play the game, so it's not exactly gonna be the most objective feedback as much as you beg them to give it to you, right? And then you just ship it out and keep your fingers crossed and hope they like it. That’s scary as hell. Right now we’re able to take their temperature all along the way. I wouldn’t replace it for anything.