GRY Online Covers The Bard’s Tale IV

article2015-06-15 10:34:35

GRY Online have published a huge, 3-page Polish language article on The Bard's Tale IV. Here's a link to thefull Polish text, as well as the machine translated English version.

Presenting a vision Bard's Tale IV authors devote much attention to the created world. The land where the play will be action game, has fooled the exceptional nature of saturation due to climate, culture and mythology native of northern Scotland. Why here? The answer lies in the roots of the series, and specifically in the city of Skara Brae returning. This name the ruins of a prehistoric settlement wear on the largest island of Orkney and that's where Brian Fargo drew inspiration. This atmosphere permeates even layer of music - hear songs in Gaelic (used in northern Scotland). We can probably expect too insular landscapes, characteristic elements of architecture, craft, or mythology. Rather, I would not count on redheads in kiltach or whiskey tasting (although it is mentioned in the announcements about beer). Looking at the first part of the cycle can be expected of the world strongly suffused with magic, heroism, full of magical creatures and monsters straight out of Lord of the Rings. Besides the core Tolkien canon of fantasy is finally Celtic and Scandinavian mythology, and the Orkney Islands lie exactly at the interface of these two great cultures.

Bard's Tale threw players of his time in front of a powerful warlocks, crazy gods, dragons, and hordes of demons (represented by a tiny image and awe-inspiring digits). The strength of those games was the ability to stimulate the imagination, which allows simple text information in the minds of the players turned into dramatic history of the team of heroes.