GMG & Playfire Interview Brian Fargo

interview2015-07-27 16:25:04

GMG & Playfire offer an interview on The Bard's Tale IV immersion, exploration, story and more with Brian Fargo.

In terms of the game's story, will The Bard's Tale IV directly follow on from the previous games? Where do we pick things up in this game?

Yes, The Bard's Tale IV is a direct follow-up. It is one hundred and fifty years after the destruction of Skara Brae, and a new town has been built on top of the old. The practice of magic is a sin and the old races have been banished, and even the Adventurer's Guild closed by the Church of the Sword Father. But adventurers still gather in the dungeons beneat Skara Brae, the old city, seeking to survive in a land that now wants them dead.

Reconciling past and present is often a question raised with longstanding series such as TBT, but as Brian's mentioned in previous interviews, you're playing modern games all the time. Is there almost too much choice in determining how to modernise a game such as this, and how do go about reconciling nostalgic experiences that come with decade-old franchises like this with the need to cater to new players and potential fans?

There are definitely a lot of choices but I don't think you can often have too much choice. The important thing is realizing what the core of the experience that people loved was and then unapologetically embracing it. We don't really want to cater to anyone other than the hardcore RPG fans that continue to back us on Kickstarter, and that allows us to craft games that take advantage of modern technology and design ideas without ruining what makes these kind of games great.