Games Nexus Interviews Brian Fargo

interview2015-07-13 12:35:45

Gaming Nexus interviews Brian Fargo about kickstarting, the Bard's Tale franchise and The Bard's Tale IV.

Will the game mostly take place in Skara Brae or are you going to have areas outside of the city to explore in?
A lot of the game will take place in Skara Brae and in the ancient dungeons and ruins underneath it, but you can also roam into the wilderness, castles and ruins surrounding Skara Brae, as well as towns such as Torr Fion and Fettercain. Finally, we will also let you explore the legendary realms of Elves, Dwarves and Trow,

Is this the same Skara Brae we've seen in previous games or has the town changed over the years?
Well, the original Skara Brae was destroyed, but in the hundred and fifty years since people have built a new Skara Brae atop the old. But if you miss the old Skara Brae, you can always go underneath the new city and explore these ancient ruins!

Could you talk about how the classes will evolve as you play?
Evolving classes was a unique concept from the original trilogy, where you could advance your magic users from their basic types into types such as the Geomancer or even the Archmage. Our plan is to not just keep this system but expand it to other classes, so that as you level up your basic Warrior or Hunter will get a new path open to him to evolve into.