Bard's Tale IV Backer Site Soft Launch

misc2015-09-21 19:41:20

We're happy to announce that our new backer site for The Bard's Tale IV has soft launched and is available for backers to try out.

What does soft launching mean? Basically, we've put the web site live on a limited scale. This lets us get any issues or bugs sorted out early, before they might end up affecting anyone on a wider scale, and work on polishing it up based on things that our new visitors find.

Right now, you can sign up and log in at your Account page, make new pledges and unlock new rewards, check out some info on the game, and view our community hub. The look and feel of things might change in the next few days, or you might see some content change or new details get added.

For the time being, please note:

  1. Not all backer bonus rewards are available just yet. For backers who qualified for the first 48 hour bonus rewards: we are working on getting the Witcher 1 & 2 bonus keys. You can see more info on reward status here.
  2. If you have a backer account for Torment: Tides of Numenera, you can use that here. Unfortunately, Wasteland 2 Ranger Center accounts do not carry over to the Bard's Tale web site.
  3. If you sign up on the backer site and don't see your rewards, please remember that we link pledges by email. You need to link up any emails used for your Kickstarter or PayPal pledges to your account, so that we know that pledge is yours. You can do this by visiting the Email Addresses page. If you signed up using a different email address than what you pledged with, changed your Kickstarter or PayPal email recently, etc. then you'll want to link up that email to your account. 

If you need to report an issue with the web site, you can post in this forum thread, use our support page, or send us an email to

Update 2015-09-23: Wasteland 2 keys from are now available again!