Backer Forum Badge is Now Available!

rewards2015-11-19 16:13:08

Today, we have a special treat for our Bard's Tale IV backers. The forum badges prormised during our Kickstarter campaign are now available and ready to use on our official forums!

To get your forum badge, please log in with your Bard's Tale IV backer account, then visit the Rewards page and click the "Badge" button that appears on the right-hand side of your reward selection. You'll then be prompted to select your forum account email and be given a special key. Use that key on the forum page as indicated, and you'll be able to proudly display your Bard's Tale IV forum badge on your forum posts!

Remember that you will need to have your forum account email linked to your Bard's Tale IV backer account for the key to work, since the key is tied to your forum email address - you can link up your email as needed by visiting the Email Addresses page of the Bard's Tale IV backer site.

And if you haven't yet joined our community, now is the perfect time to show your support and get in on the discussion!