4 Color Rebellion Interviews Brian

interview2015-06-29 13:08:17

4 color rebellion has penned a large interview with Brian Fargo covering The Bard's Tale IV, the campaign, the game's backstory, and more! Check it out here.

4cr: So the elephant in the room right now is… why do a third Kickstarter campaign? Also, with what you've just mentioned as your vision for The Bard's Tale IV, it sounds as if $1.25 million dollars isn't enough to develop the game. If so, how is inXile going to secure the additional funding needed to complete the game?

Wait.. there's an elephant here? We don't exactly make mainstream games so our business relies on a number of income sources with Kickstarter being just one. Plus Kickstarter allows us to vet our ideas, get a community gathered who will in turn promote us if we do right by them and offer things that would not be possible otherwise like physical goods and getting your pretty face in the game. And it's all voluntary! Just like Wasteland 2, our additional funds come from the continued pledges via PayPal and our income from our catalog sales of our games. We financed Wasteland 2 in the exact same way.

Bottom line is that if not for Kickstarter we wouldn't have games like Wasteland 2, Torment, Pillars of Eternity etc….