The Bard's Tale IV Update 44: The Bard Takes Some Questions!

kickstarter7 days ago • 2018-05-17

TL; DR: Storefront news, Q&A, GDC Highlights, Bard's Tale Trilogy remasters update Hi everyone, Paul here with the latest backer update! Hope you've been well! David, Jeff, and the team are taking in all the alpha feedback from backers and incorporating elements of it into our production, so a discussion of that feedback and our Wizard class preview will have to wait for next go-around. For now, though, something equally special: we have a pretty big update rangin...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 43: Backer Alpha Unleashed!

kickstarter2 months ago • 2018-03-21

TL; DR - Quick Hello, GDC Notes, Backer Alpha FAQ The Backer Alpha is Here! Hey Everyone, Today is a day thirty years in the making! For the first time since players defeated the Mad God Tarjan in 1988’s The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate, fans will have a chance to play a sequel and experience new gameplay! This first playable version is an important stepping stone toward the game's release later this year, and we’re all excited to finally share T...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 42: The Bard Begins His Tale...

kickstarter2 months ago • 2018-03-13

Three times before Did evil's lords Descend on Skara Brae And thrice did rise Brave heroes, wise To drive them all away Now comes a fourth To shackle the north And enslave the world of men Thus heroes bold As in songs of old Must take up sword again In dungeons vast Do these evils past Their ancient secrets keep So down we go To face the foes That lurk in Barrows Deep Greetings Citizens of Caith, Chris Keenan here, VP of Development at inXile, and we come to you with...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 41: Hard Drinking, Rabble Rousing Bards

kickstarter3 months ago • 2018-02-15

TL;DR: A Look at the Bard classes, Archetype Poll #2 Winner, Backer Rewards Update, Crowdfunding Corner First Round's On The Bard Howdy, everyone! David here, back again to give you the first of our class breakdowns. Everyone at inXile was a little proud that you chose The Bard for the first preview. That character class was what helped set the series apart from its contemporaries such as Wizardry and Ultima, and the image of a bard quaffing a drink as he heads into...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 40: Season's Greetings from The Bard's Tale Team!

kickstarter5 months ago • 2017-12-22

A Quick Check-In on The Bard's Tale Development Season's Greetings, citizens of Caith! Chris Keenan, VP of Development, here to provide a status update on the production of The Bard’s Tale IV. As you have seen in our previous updates featuring puzzle weapons, grid based movement, classes, etc., the Bard's Tale is hitting and passing a major critical milestone of all features and sub-features being completed and implemented into the game. Most of the elements of th...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 39: Puzzle Weapons, Backer Portal, and a Vote!

kickstarter5 months ago • 2017-12-11

TL;DR - Puzzle Weapons, Backer Portal Reopens, Contest Winner, Backer Rewards Update, Crowdfunding Corner Greetings, citizens of Caith! David Rogers here with another update for you. Today I'd like to talk about puzzle weapons in The Bard's Tale IV, one of our features that we teased during the Kickstarter campaign that is now beginning to take shape. What are puzzle weapons exactly, and how will they work? That's what I'm here to talk about today, so let's dive in!...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 38: Everything Old Is New Again

kickstarter8 months ago • 2017-09-05

TL; DR: Bard's Tale (2004) news, Backer Portal Update, Tuning Up the Legacy: Grid Movement, BT4 in PC Gamer, inXile at E3, Contest Winner, Crowdfunding Corner The (Other) Bard's Tale Makes A Triumphant Return Hi all, Paul here. The latest "big news" for inXile is the remastered (and "resnarkled") port of inXile's first title, The Bard's Tale!    A spin-off of The Bard's Tale classic series, the 2004 PC, PS2, and Xbox title was an action RPG where you played...
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The Bard's Tale IV Update 37: Bringing an Iconic Series into the 21st Century

kickstarter11 months ago • 2017-06-16

TL; DR: A message from Brian Fargo and Nathan Long, backer news & contest, BT Remaster development update, and an old friend returns home to Skara Brae... Updating the Legacy First, we've got a write-up from Brian Fargo on updating The Bard's Tale series for the 21st century: Hard to believe it's been nearly two years already since the game's Kickstarter campaign. I want you all to know that I'm very pleased with the way The Bard's Tale 4 is shaping up. The...
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